pH and Conductivity Tester

360w-ph 3310 idsWTW introduces the new Monoline series of single-parameter handheld instruments for intelligent digital sensors (IDS).

Three separate models are available for the respective parameters: pH 3310 IDS, Cond 3310 IDS, and Oxi 3310 IDS. (The latter model corresponding to WTW's former Oxi 3315.)

The instruments are suited for all field and process applications, they are robust and waterproof according to IP 67. Operation is easy via a backlit graphic display and plain text menus. The measured data can be stored in a large memory and output according to GLP to a PC or laptop via a waterproof USB interface.

The Monolines are perfect for users that need to measure only one parameter but do not want to miss the advantages of the digital IDS sensors: automatic transmission of calibration data and sensor parameters, secure digital signal transmission from the sensor to the instrument, cable lengths of up to 100 m and automatic documentation of all sensor data.

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