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Six Sigma Power Point Presentations

Provided below are the links to various presentations on  six sigma. Readers are welcome to upload presentations on six sigma for the benefit of quality professionals.

Introduction to Six Sigma
Source: PMI-UNY
Number of slides: 64
Viewed: 635 times
Six Sigma - Green Belt Project
Source: Lee County
Number of slides: 18
Viewed: 685 times
Six Sigma Overview
Source: Beyond Lean
Number of slides: 24
Viewed: 663 times
Six Sigma Green Belt Training
Source: Gudang
Number of slides: 21
Viewed: 642 times
Source: Juran Inst.
Number of slides: 23
Viewed: 664 times
Designing with Six Sigma
Source: APEGA
Number of slides: 32
Viewed: 604 times
Six Sigma as a Health Care Initiative
Number of slides: 27
Viewed: 551 times
Six Sigma – Past, Present and Future
Source: BSI
Number of slides: 24
Viewed: 906 times
Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Number of slides: 20
Viewed: 611 times
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma basics
Number of slides: 38
Viewed: 643 times
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
Introduction to Lean 6 sigma
Source: Equable
Number of slides: 38
Viewed: 631 times
Lean Six Sigma -Case Study
Number of slides: 68
Viewed: 654 times
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