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Posters on 5s

Price: 450
5S These labels are used in the implementation of 5S workplace organization. The 5S label it depends on materials in the workplace which a 5S action is required. On the label 5S (5S tag) can indicate whether the material to be moved, to be or may be permanently deleted stored elsewhere. Description: The 5S labels are duplicated and provided by printing paper. The first page of the 5S label (80 gsm paper) is placed on the board so 5S 5S actions are visible in one place. The copy of the 5S tag (170 g) is suspended from the material, mounted with a cable tie through the hole at the top. The 5S label has the dimension of 10x15 cm and fits into an A6 leaflet dispenser.
Supplier: Posterindya
Language: English, Hindi
Located in: 5S