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Quality Magazines

Find here the good collection of  magazines in manufacturing, software, test & measurement, laboratory,  etc. for quality professionals.


Test & Measurement World
Annual Subscription Online version

Test & Measurement World (ISSN-0744-1657) is a website and was a magazine published from January 1981 to July 2012 by UBM Electronics, a division ofUnited Business Media. Test & Measurement World serves the information needs of engineers in the electronic original equipment market ( more

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Automated Software Testing Magazine
Annual Subscription Electronic Version Free, Print version : $8.95
The Automated Software Testing (AST) Magazine is a quarterly Automated Testing Institute magazine geared towards IT professionals involved in Software Quality Engineering. This magazine is an excellent source of relevant, up-to-date information from the world of automated software testing. Each more
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Quality Matters
Annual Subscription Free Subscription
Quality Matters is the first magazine in the area of Software Testing and Software Quality based in South East Europe.

The magazine aims to contribute to the progress of Software Quality in the region, by giving the readers guidelines and best practices to improve their everyday work. more
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Professional Tester
Annual Subscription Free Subscription

A magazine for software professionals

Professional Tester Magazine was created ten years ago by true pioneers of software testing. It is widely considered the best journal ever published for the industry, characterized by quality and rigour, direct opinion, and important articles more

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A magazine for software testing professionals.

Authored by some of the leading lights in the testing, software development, and IT industries TEST has regular sections covering: test automation; agile testing; testing methodologies; effective unit testing; testing web services more

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